Our philanthropy is expanding by making available a Local Red Hook Application for any organization in the RH Community whose needs meet our mission statement that extends financial support in any of three areas. Please consider filing an application if you are advocating for elder care, educational programs for the underserved, or food insecurity alleviation. Should your proposal require an amount greater than $2000, please contact us directly for additional information. We will review all requests on a rolling basis. Click on the link above to begin the process.


                            Memorial Day 2017        [MailChimp memo 5/29]

Somewhere between a spring that teases us with a range of weather moods and the anticipation of summer we today reflect on the men and women who lost their lives in serving our country. The Directors of The Ascienzo Family Foundation wish you, your friends, and family members good health & happiness on this day of remembrance.

In 2017 we have seen growth in both partnerships & contacts, and in our fiscal size. Partnerships and endowments are a wonderful mix and pose an exciting array of possibilities! We’re earmarking upwards of $50,000 this year to local grant initiatives, stepping up our contributions to either existing programs orNEW IDEAS. To that end two proposals will be underway soon and a third in the fall. First, on June 1st we’re rolling out a Local Red Hook Application that RH community advocates may utilize in assisting elder needs, educational programs, or food insecurity issues. Proud of our BackPack affiliation with RH Schools and the “grants for food vouchers” sponsored by the RH Faculty Association during the Holidays, we’re committed to expanding our philanthropy to other groups whose needs are just as great. Please visit our website homepage to access necessary information, if you or your group would like to submit a grant application for an amount up to $2000. Contact us directly should your needs exceed that amount.

Secondly, deepening our partnership with the Community Center Board, we’ve presented to them a concept whose focus is on the creation of a transportation system for the seniors of Red Hook. The result may take the form of an “on-demand Uber-like” experience or bus/van delivery assisting our elder population to and from services. A committee is convening to investigate the possibilities. It will include, but not be limited to representatives of the AFF, the CC Board, the RH Public Library, Bard’s Center for Civic Engagement & public officials with the thought of a public-private partnership in mind. Our goal is to sustain, over a few years at a minimum, a grant program that will allow for the implementation of a transport service that seniors & affected organizations would benefit from. We’ll keep you informed as to the conversations and the plan’s development - a rather ambitious endeavor to “community build” with many moving parts.

Our 2016 and 2017 Ambassador class members are engaged in their own communities with the research necessary to advocate for a cause the AFF supports. Helping hands and minds may come from some ambassadors of our 2015 Class who have volunteered to mentor/coach our 2016/17 cohort through the grant process as the year unfolds. Most ambassador grants over the last two years have been at or near the $5000 level. This year, as a third measure in increasing our charitable giving we're suggesting an option for ambassador requests to include amounts from $5000 up to $7500 this fall.

The AFF had a special day in the Boston area on April 7th - three of our 2017 grantee sites, The Mystic Learning Center, Crossroads Family Center, and The Home for Little Wanderers hosted Nick & Sophie to an hour or so of conversation discussing our grants and their implementation. Program Directors from those three organizations were on hand to extend their thanks and ambassadors Betsy Kirtland, Micaela Ryan, and Alex Parks were with us each speaking proudly of their advocacies.

Finally, we find inspiration in the words of kindness and gratitude that come our way from those we assist within the RH Community, as well as from our ambassadors at large. We’re open to your recommendations, not only for our present proposals, but for ideas that will enhance our goals. Emails, note cards, and phone calls all work! Thanks to All for your interest in our endeavors and Best Wishes for success in your own.

Nick, Barbara, Sophie, & Ali


 2017 Spring Notes

As we pursue additional contacts within the Red Hook Community, we’re mindful that our ongoing support of our very first partner continues to benefit a segment of our youth every week. The BackPack Program is coordinated through The Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York, serving 20 counties and 195 schools including those in Red Hook. Our funding allows Linda Piastro along with a group of retired teachers to oversee the program’s implementation to students at the Mill Road Elementary School. Members of The Harvest Group do the same for students at The Linden Avenue Middle School and Red Hook High School. Collectively in 2017 there are about 45 children who are benefiting from the program, as 20 elementary youngsters and 25 young adults from the other buildings participate. Backpacks are stuffed with foods and incidental needs on Thursday and picked up on Friday by those targeted students experiencing food insecurity. The backpacks serve to either supplement their nutrition or provide their entire sustenance for the weekend. Studies clearly indicate that educational achievement is correlated with nourishment, and the BackPack Program plays an incredibly important role in helping students and families overcoming this gap. Proud of this two year partnership and looking to expand this concept over the summer months with a similar initiative through the Food Bank or other agency, we also recognize the advocacy we share with others in this endeavor, part of community building we all take great pride in.

Thank You

Our deep thanks to all who attended our 3rd annual community gathering on December 22nd. It was our honor to recognize and fundraise on behalf of our three local partner programs - Red Hook Harvest, the Red Hook Faculty Association, and the Red Hook Library - in assisting the youth and families of our Red Hook community. Their local leadership, alongside the advocacy of our Foundation Ambassadors nation-wide, brings the collective vision of our organization to life.

With your support we are eager to continue serving others, advocating on behalf of our communities' needs, and investing in the programs that are addressing those needs in beautiful, impactful ways. We are honored to announce that, through your donations and our matching pledge, we raised $9765 by year's end. 

On behalf of our local partner organizations, our community, and for the movement of advocacy we are shaping together -- we thank you.


About Us:

The Ascienzo Family Foundation partners with and assists non-profits whose missions are to support poverty alleviation, provide educational opportunities to the underserved, or provide services to senior citizens.

Our first cycle of grantmaking concluded in December 2015 with our inaugural cohort of Foundation Ambassadors. As the foundation looks ahead to new partnerships and ambassadors joining our mission in 2016, we invite your support and ideas. 

We welcome you to learn more about our work, which is brought to life throughout the United States by our Foundation Ambassadors and in our hometown of Red Hook, NY, through local partners. Please join the Ascienzo Family Foundation in our growth and let us know how you would like to be involved!