Nourish Your Neighbor


Some exciting updates on our Giving Tuesday 2018 campaign: the plan for a healthier, more sustainable food drive is now underway! Nourish Your Neighbor is being chaired by two local ambassadors, Brenna Dolen & Emma Donahue, members of our Ambassador Class of 2018. A more nutritional and healthier campaign is being designed in collecting foodstuffs with assistance from Bard's Center for Civic Engagement, The Rotary Club, and the Red Hook Faculty Association. We, like last year, have set a goal of 10,000 items, and will donate $1 per item, hopefully raising $10,000. The collectibles will be used in stocking local pantries and the funding money raised will go toward food vouchers for food insecure families during the Holiday Season. To kick off the campaign we sponsored a No Cost Farmer's Market for targeted families in need, held on Nov. 10th. We're excited to be part of the planning and staging for both the nutritional collectible drive component and the non-perishable market component - endeavors that can only bear fruit (sorry, I couldn't resist) through the combined efforts of many community members.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you'd like to get involved!



To remember what we are growing from: Last year was the first time the AFF embarked on a Giving Tuesday campaign, partnering with Bard College's Civic Engagement Center (CEC) and the Red Hook Central Schools for a food drive. The Red Hook community donated over 5,500 non-perishable items, and the AFF granted $3,250 to the Red Hook Faculty Association (RHFA) to support local families during the holiday season.