Ambassador Grant Application Timeline

AFF timeline graphic.png

Ambassador Expectations:

  • Continue engagement with your local nonprofit organization. Keep in mind that your engagement and funding request should connect to the Foundation's three priorities: (1) Local poverty alleviation (2) Education or (3) Elder care

  • If useful, schedule an opportunity for communication (whether via email, phone call, or in-person meetings) with a point of contact with the group you will advocate for to discuss areas of need within the organization. If you have already been in contact with the organization's leadership team or operating staff, check in with them about moving forward with the grant application. It would also be useful at this point to review the grant agreement terms that will be exchanged between you, the organization you're writing the proposal for, and the Ascienzo Family Foundation. (The Agreement form will not be a required document until the Application form has been approved, but knowledge of its protocol will be helpful.)

  • Review the example grant applications and the general application form on your Ambassador portal. We’ve created the mock applications from fictitious sources in some cases with no intent to limit any monetary request other than to fall within the $5000 maximum ceiling. And yes, more detail is always better than less detail.  

  • Forward any pending questions, ideas, or comments that you have to the AFF Directors ASAP - we're here to guide and support you along the application process if you need! We’ve attempted to create a process of application that meets the requirements of our 501(c)(3) designation, but minimize your “paper involvement”.

  • Begin drafting your grant application (September) or continue your Ambassador engagement until you are ready to begin the application.

  • Submit your grant application by November 1, 2019 either electronically to or by mail. Notify AFF Directors if you foresee any obstacles with this timeline.

  • As your directors we plan on reviewing the applications over the first couple of weeks of November, asking for additional information, if necessary. We will notify you and your local nonprofit late in November of our award decisions.

  • Our end of year get together will take place in December - we'll let you know later in the year!

  • Take pride in the difference you’re making in the lives of many!