25 Grant Initiative Update

12 Grants Funded so far!


Did you know about our twenty-five grant initiative? This year, one of the goals of the foundation is to fund twenty-five grants before the end of the grant cycle. As of today, the foundation has funded twelve of these grants!

The grants have been provided through local grant partnerships here in the Red Hook area, as well as through our ambassador networks across the country. Our grant cycle continues over the holiday season, so stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.

Here are the programs we provided funding to so far:

If you or or someone you know is working near the greater Red Hook Community on projects related to programs that support elder care needs, educational pursuits for the underserved, or poverty alleviation, we encourage you to apply for funding! Click the link below for an application and email us at ascienzofamilyfoundation@gmail.com with any questions!