Winter Greetings

Warm thoughts your way, as we endure the frigid temperatures!


January has  historically been our "time away" period to reenergize and reflect on previous year's activity. This past month has been no different, with the exception of a well-spent Martin Luther King Jr. Day on the 21st. A few of our local ambassadors (Emma Donahue, Brenna Dolan, and Tess Rothwell) assisted at the Community Center where Bard College sponsored a Day of Engagement in conjunction with the Center's Repair Cafe. The Ambassadors helped Chef Larry Anthony (you may remember hearing about him from the No-Cost Food Market in November), the Food Director for the Red Hook, Rhinebeck, and Pine Plains School Districts, prepare nutritious soup and salads for the public who visited the pop-up café.

Our participation was a nice follow up to the Nourish Your Neighbor Food Campaign from the fall, and we’ve loved every opportunity to engage more with Bard Center for Civic Engagement, the RH Community Center, and all the community members who came by during the event. There is enthusiasm among our local partners and ambassadors to keep pursuing additional healthy food programs. This could take many forms, such as a Chef Cook-Off, partnering with sustainable food delivery systems like FeedHV, continuing education through our Garden Club program grant at Mill Road Elementary School, or senior assistance at the Community Center. We'll keep you posted, and if you have any ideas, please send them our way!