Introducing the Ascienzo Family Foundation Scholarship

We’re excited to announce the first Ascienzo Family Foundation Scholarship! This opportunity has been something that our Board has been discussing a lot over the past year, and we are so proud to be able to provide it to Red Hook High School (RHHS) seniors this year.

As the Foundation has grown over the years we’ve gotten the opportunity to work with amazing RHHS alum- many of whom have moved across the country, whether for college or for their careers, and become engaged in their new communities. Through this network we’ve provided grants to many different organizations in places like San Bernardino County, CA, Tuscon, AZ, Boston, MA, and Chicago, IL (and many more!). But one of the most rewarding parts of the most recent years’ work has also been digging into our own community more and providing opportunities for local grants, as well as partnering with programs like Bard CCE and the Community Center. We hope that through this scholarship we can continue that growth. The scholarship will provide $1,500 to a student who plans to stay in the area after graduation and is excited about local civic engagement. This engagement could mean volunteering at a non-profit, helping the AFF with some of our reoccurring programs like the Farm Market and Food Drive, or coming up with new initiatives that promote our three mission areas.

If you know someone who may be interested, please send the application along! We can’t wait to get to know some of the RHHS graduating seniors.