Emily Mauch: Connecting Studies to Advocacy

Emily Mauch (RHHS ‘10)

Emily Mauch (RHHS ‘10)

Welcome back to our Ambassador Profile Series! This week, we are excited to profile Ambassador Emily Mauch (RHHS ‘10)! Emily joined the Foundation in 2016, and has advocated for two different organizations during her time with us: Partners for World Health and Maine Adaptive. Emily learned of the organizations while in physical therapy school at the University of New England, and was able to spend time volunteering for them both. Emily said, “both organizations look to improve the lives of others and are very dedicated to their missions which inspired me to contribute.”

During her first year as an Ambassador, Emily advocated for Partners for World Health, and organization which is “committed to reducing medical waste, improving the quality of healthcare in underserved countries, and education our local community about global health issues.” The organization collects medical supplies that healthcare facilities might be required discard, but are still safe and useable, and ships them to countries that need them. Specifically, a grant from the AFF in 2017 helped a Partners for World Health group, on a medical mission trip to Senegal, provide birthing kits and education to women in order to promote safe delivery of babies and health of mothers.

Most recently, Emily advocated for Maine Adaptive, and grant from the AFF in 2018 provided $5,000 for adaptive sports gear. The grant enabled Maine Adaptive to purchase an off-road adaptive hand-cycle which allows people with disabilities that require such equipment to participate in a summer cycling program. Emily explained that the organization aims to “help people with disabilities to develop skills, enhance independence, and find enjoyment in active outdoor recreation that otherwise would not be available to them.” Maine Adaptive also provides sports lessons throughout the year, and believes “that having access to and participating in recreational sports is integral to a well-rounded life for every person.”

Emily remarked that working with the Foundation has changed her own advocacy role, and that it has allowed her to develop advocacy skills and connect more deeply with her community. We’re so happy to have Emily on our team!

Emily is currently working as a Physical Therapist and lives in South Portland, ME.