Networking for Engagement

A Note from Director Nick:

I attended a Speed Networking event on September 17th, hosted by Erin Canaan and Jonathan Becker as part of their Engagement course at Bard College. Around 20 students were there, and organizational leaders from the area conducted group discussions on the ways the students could get involved in the community; not only for their course requirement, but for their own sense of giving. Below are photos with Paul Mersfelder (from Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson) and me, as well as some of the students from class. This was a great opportunity for students network with community-based and nonprofit entities like the Ascienzo Family Foundation. The organizations represented in the class deal with social justice, inequality, and helping those in need. My brief presentation to each of the discussion groups focused on the AFF’s local partnerships, how making a difference begins on a grassroots level, and an appeal for them to apply for an internship with the AFF.