Background: Inspiration Behind the Ascienzo Family Foundation

Each spring for the last 20 years I've challenged my graduating seniors to compile a list of goals to share with friends and loved ones for motivation and guidance in reaching those goals. I took my own advice in the spring of 2014 and began the formation of a family foundation. That advice was buoyed by the significant influence of two former students; “daughters I never had” who unwittingly shaped my vision in the foundation’s birth.  

Additionally, whether through friendship, a professional relationship at school, or through the dynamic of other student-teacher interactions, I've also been energized by many other people who’ve made a difference in this undertaking. The impact of personal connection is a driving force in any vibrant community and those connections I’ve experienced over the years in Red Hook have been numerous, enriching, and engaging. In an effort to maintain both personal connection and community prosperity, I’ve envisioned an ambassador affiliation with my foundation that will serve local communities. Former students, acting in their ambassador roles, would appeal to the foundation for grants to assist their local agencies/organizations in poverty alleviation, educational needs for the less fortunate, or elder care. The Red Hook Community has played a significant role in who I am and has been the home of many outstanding students throughout the years. Their good standing in their own locales will be called upon to foster my foundation’s mission.

 I’m humbled by the efforts, time commitments, and generous monetary contributions so many of us every day are involved with, as we make a difference. My ultimate goal is to provide resources for others in various communities through my ambassador group, that with appropriate guidance from my Board of Directors, may continue in perpetuity. Making a difference in anyone's life is easier when you have the encouragement from those around you. I trust that my student ambassadors, directors, and other contributors will motivate me and The Ascienzo Family Foundation in serving their own communities in countless ways.

- Nick A.