Welcome to the Ascienzo Family Foundation

On behalf of the Board of Directors I’d like to extend many thanks to all of you who’ve given your time, wisdom, and encouragement for The Ascienzo Family Foundation to form as we look forward to our 1st year of ambassador relations and grant applications. We send to the ambassadors who’ve volunteered our heartfelt appreciation. Your call to assist those less fortunate and, in turn, request assistance from us will be the backbone of our organization for the foreseeable future.

As your affiliation develops with any agency whose goals are similar to ours, please consider how we may foster an even stronger connection in tangible ways. Our goals of helping reduce poverty, assisting in the education of those less able, and lending a hand in elder care, are attainable with your volunteerism within your community. As the year progresses, please consider how The Ascienzo Foundation could benefit the group you advocate for. Additionally, the Board is crafting a plan of action to bring our $10,000 Red Hook initiative to life. We foresee a series of meetings with community members whose ties within the community would allow for grant opportunities.  

Thank you all again, and as you think of others, we will be Thinking of You

- Nick A.